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Bournemouth University Affiliate Parking Permit

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Information for Supervisors;

  • Please carefully read the information provided on this page before proceeding.
  • A copy of the Privacy policy and the Terms and Conditions should be printed and given to all affiliate staff to read and sign prior to an application being made on their behalf.
  • Once logged in, you will be taken to your Supervisor Homepage where you will be provided with full instructions on how to use the application system.
  • New applications are submitted to the Parking Services Team. Once they have been validated, you will be sent details on making payment.
  • Staff with a motor cycle should register their bike details by applying through this application
  • Changes to any vehicle registrations must be reported to Parking Services at least 24hours in advance. If this is not possible, staff arriving to campus in an un-registered vehicle must report to Reception within 30 minutes of parking to have the vehicle registered.


In order to qualify for an e-permit, staff must meet one of the following eligibility criteria.

  • Staff with children aged 12 and under. Evidence of this will be required
  • Staff who are registered disabled blue badge holders. Evidence of this will be required
  • Staff with a medical condition which supports the provision of a virtual parking permit. Evidence of this will be required
  • Staff with an official Carer responsibility. Evidence of this will be required
  • Staff who live more than 2 miles from their main place of work

For further information on permissible documentation to support your application, please contact the Parking Services Team.

Staff should note that periodic checks are carried out to ensure that the information entered for successful applications is correct and circumstances have not changed. Where the information is found to be incorrect the parking permit will be revoked and appropriate disciplinary action initiated.

Please ensure each individual has read and signed a copy of the privacy policy and Terms & Conditions below. Affiliate staff must consent to you applying on their behalf under these terms.

Download Terms and Conditions

Data Protection Statement

Any information which you provide to us by completing this online application system will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation (the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018) and we will not use this information for any purpose other than the management of the parking services. This privacy notice explains how your personal data will be processed in connection with your application for a Permit and management of University car parks.

  1. the eligibility criteria and right to cancel provisions provided above as well as Bournemouth University’s terms and you agreed to be bound by them.
  2. the data protection statement regarding the Bournemouth University staff car parking permit application system.