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Bournemouth University Student Parking Permit Application

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Bournemouth University are able to offer a finite number of parking permits to those Talbot Campus based students who meet one of the eligibility criteria listed below.

Please note that parking permits are not available for Lansdowne Campus based students, nor can Talbot Campus permit holders utilise the Lansdowne Campus car parks.

Before continuing, please consider whether a parking permit is right for you. Sustainability is at the heart of life at BU and is embedded in our BU2025 strategy. The BU Travel Plan encourages students to use sustainable travel modes where possible in order to help reduce air pollution; carbon emission and local road congestion.

For more information on alternative travel options please visit our Sustainable Travel pages.

To continue with a parking permit application, please read carefully the information below.


There are a limited number of parking spaces available for students on Talbot Campus. Applications for parking permits will only be considered in the following cases and allocation will be in accordance with the priorities below.

  • Students living at an address, during term time, more than 10 miles from Talbot Campus by road transport.
  • Students with a child aged 12 or under at the time of application. Evidence of this will be required.
  • Registered disabled students with a blue badge.
  • Students without a blue badge but who have a medical condition that would mean not parking at Talbot Campus would impede their studies. Medical referrals will be required to complete an additional form on application.
  • Students who are registered carers. Evidence of this will be required.

Students should note that periodic checks are carried out to ensure that the information entered for successful applications is correct and circumstances have not changed. Where the information is found to be incorrect the parking permit will be revoked and appropriate disciplinary action initiated.

General Information on Parking

  • Parking restrictions apply from 7am – 4pm Monday to Friday.
  • Everyone who parks in a Bournemouth University car park will need to apply for a permit
  • Only permit holders are entitled to park during these hours
  • There is no permit parking for students at Lansdowne Campus
  • If you contravene any of the terms and conditions of parking you will be issued with a parking charge notice
  • If you change your vehicle then you need to amend the permit online before attempting to park, this is your responsibility and failure to change the details will result in a parking charge notice.
  • Students will not be able to apply for a parking permit until 48 hours after their online student registration is complete
  • Staff will not be able to apply until they have been allocated a BU login

Please remember: Using the bus, cycling or walking will ease the stress on the road system and is also environmentally friendly. Have a look at our Sustainable Travel pages.

Contact Information

Should you have any parking enquiries or are unable to complete the online application process, please contact Parking Services on or Telephone: 01202 968040.

Data Protection Statement

Any information which you provide to us by completing this online application system will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation (the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018) and we will not use this information for any purpose other than the management of the parking services. This privacy notice explains how your personal data will be processed in connection with your application for a Permit and management of University car parks.

Parking Terms & Conditions

Responsibility for parking

1. Responsibility for implementation of the University's parking Terms and Conditions has been delegated to the University Travel Plan Group. The Terms and Conditions are enforced by University Site Operations staff or staff working for BU’s parking services contractor, who act on BU’s behalf. The Terms and Conditions cover the use of any motor vehicle on any University grounds.

Terms and conditions of parking

2. Parking enforcement is in operation in all BU car parks between the hours of 7am and 4pm, Monday to Friday, except for public holidays and official University closures. An official University closure does not include University vacation periods i.e. the Spring, Summer and Winter break periods in which University offices remain open and operational.

3. Parking enforcement may also be in operation in some BU car parks during additional time periods such as evenings and weekends, where car parks are open for public parking (“Public Parking Sessions”). The timings of any Public Parking Sessions will be stated in on-site signage.

4. At all times when parking enforcement is in operation, any motor vehicle parked in a BU car park must be covered by a valid permit or ticket of a type which is available in and accepted for that car park. This may include a staff, student or visitor parking permit issued by BU (either in virtual (e-permit) or hard copy form), a pay and display ticket or a parking session confirmed through JustPark or an equivalent available parking app (procured using a BU daily e-permit code or by other means of payment in relation to Public Parking Sessions). A “valid ticket or permit” does not include:

  1. 4.1 A Blue Badge or temporary disabled parking pass, which gives permission to use specific designated parking bays but is not a valid parking permit or ticket in itself; or
  2. 4.2 A BU parking permit used in relation to more than one vehicle at any one time. Where such permits are registered to two specified vehicles, this is to enable permit-holders to park either vehicle and does not give permission to park both vehicles on University grounds at the same time.

5. In section 4 “valid” means that a permit or ticket:

  1. 5.1 covers the whole period during which the vehicle is parked; and
  2. 5.2 is used in accordance with any restrictions stated at the point of issue (through on-site signage or otherwise) as regards the locations and time periods within which it can be used; and
  3. 5.3 except in the case of a pay and display ticket, is registered to the specific vehicle being parked.

Not all categories of permit or ticket will be available or accepted in every car park. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that they are relying on a ticket or permit which is available in and acceptable for the area in which they park their vehicle and otherwise valid as defined in these Terms & Conditions.

6. Sections 4 and 5 above do not apply to the following:

  1. 6.1 users of the Electric Vehicle Rapid Charging Points (EVRCPs) situated on any University grounds. Access to the EVRCPs shall be maintained at all times (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), unless otherwise stated. Parking in the designated EVRCP spaces is limited to 60 minutes and is permitted for the sole purpose of charging electric vehicles. Parking in the designated EVRCP spaces for any other purpose is not permitted. Any vehicle parked in the designated EVRCP space must be connected to the charger at all times (except for when the vehicle is being connected or disconnected from the charger) and the driver must remain with the motor vehicle at all times;
  2. 6.2 authorised users of BU Fleet Electric Vehicles;
  3. 6.3 users of the designated Pick-up/Drop-off Zone at the University’s Talbot campus. Permission to park in this Zone is limited to 20 minutes for buses or coaches and 10 minutes for other vehicles. Parking in this zone is permitted for the sole purpose of dropping off and picking up passengers. Drivers of any vehicle parked in this area must switch off the vehicle engine while stationary and remain with the motor vehicle at all times; or
  4. 6.4 motorised two-wheeler vehicles (motorcycles or scooters), which do not need to be covered by a permit or ticket.

7. Any vehicle parked in a designated disabled parking bay must be covered by one of the following in addition to a valid permit or ticket as required by section 4:

  1. 7.1 a valid (current) Blue Badge; or
  2. 7.2 a temporary disabled parking pass which covers the period of parking. This is a pass issued by the University which allows a member of staff or a student who does not have a Blue Badge to park a specified vehicle or vehicles in disabled parking bays. Decisions on whether to issue such passes are taken by the University’s HR Department and are subject to the individual submitting appropriate evidence of a short term medical condition or impairment significantly affecting their mobility.

8. Motorised two wheeler vehicles (motor cycles or scooters) must be parked in a marked motorised two wheeler vehicle parking bay and must not be parked in car parking bays.

9. Before 10.00am designated lift sharing bays can only be used by those participating in the BU lift sharing scheme (as set out in the BU Lift Share Permit Terms & Conditions). Users must display two lift share permits in accordance with section 12 below and the vehicle must be linked both to a BU annual staff e-permit and to one of the displayed lift share permits. If a designated lift sharing bay is available after 10.00 am it may be used by any user holding a permit or ticket as required by sections 4 and 5 above (as appropriate and available).

10. Parking is for daily use only and vehicles must not be parked in University car parks overnight (i.e. parked continuously from before midnight on one day until after 7am on the next day) unless the overnight period falls within a Public Parking Session or express permission for overnight parking has been given as provided for in section 11.

11. Permission for overnight parking should be requested from Estates via Requests should usually be made no later than 3 working days in advance of the date on which the parking period would commence. Parking Services will respond to requests within 2 working days. Permission to park overnight is at the discretion of Parking Services. In deciding whether to grant permission, Parking Services will consider all relevant factors, including the reason for the request and the impact of the overnight parking in light of scheduled campus works, scheduled BU events and parking capacity generally. Permission may be granted subject to conditions, including conditions as to the duration of the parking or the location in which the car may be parked.

12. The following permits, tickets and badges/passes must be displayed in accordance with this section:

  1. 12.1 Any permit or ticket relied on under section 4 which is only available in hard copy format, e.g. a pay and display ticket. Such a permit or ticket is only valid to cover parking in BU car parks if it is displayed in accordance with this section;
  2. 12.2 For any vehicle is parked in a designated disabled parking bay, a Blue Badge or BU temporary disabled parking pass; and
  3. 12.3 For any vehicle parked in a designated lift-sharing bay before 10.00 am, two valid lift share permits.

"Displayed" means that the permit or ticket is placed so that the details of the permit or ticket are visible through the front windscreen from outside the vehicle.

Enforcement of these Terms and Conditions

13. The following actions or omissions are considered to be breaches of these Terms and Conditions:

  1. 13.1 Failing to have in place a valid, applicable permit or ticket as required by sections 4 and 5 above. This includes parking outside any specified location or time period for which a permit or ticket is valid, as well as failing to have any valid ticket or permit in place;
  2. 13.2 When parking in a designated lift share bay before 10.00 am, failing to display two current and valid lift share permits and/or failing to have in place a valid annual BU parking e-permit linked to the parked vehicle;
  3. 13.3 Occupying more than one space with only a single valid permit or ticket in place, including but not limited to:
    - parking a single vehicle across two spaces;
    - parking a very large vehicle which does not fit within a marked parking bay; or
    - parking two vehicles within a parking enforcement area at the same time with only one valid permit or ticket in place;
  4. 13.4 Leaving a vehicle in a place causing unnecessary obstruction – for example, on clearly demarcated restricted areas or on access ways/roads etc.;
  5. 13.5 Parking on, or adjacent to, double yellow lines;
  6. 13.6 Parking in an area of a designated car park, where not entitled to do so under these Terms and Conditions. This includes any of the following:

    - Parking in an marked parking bay formally designated for use by a particular category of vehicle or user when not entitled to do so, such as a disabled parking bay, a designated lift share bay or an EVRCP bay without meeting the conditions for use of such a bay as set out in these Terms & Conditions;

    - Parking in an EVRCP bay or the designated Pick-up/Drop-off Zone in breach of the provisions of section 8.1 or 8.3 (as applicable), for example for longer than the stated maximum parking periods or without remaining with the vehicle;

    - Parking in an unmarked area (i.e. an area not designated for parking);

    - Parking in a demarcated, reserved or restricted area or car park if not permitted to do so by these Terms and Conditions, for example a student parking in the Talbot campus visitor car park.
  7. In all cases such parking is prohibited and breaches these Terms and Conditions regardless of whether the user has a permit or ticket otherwise within sections 4 and 5 for the period during which they are parked.
  8. 13.7 Parking on, or in a manner which causes an obstruction of, any access routes;
  9. 13.8 Being parked in contravention to, or failure to conform to, traffic signs and notices;
  10. 13.9 Parking overnight where this is not covered by a Public Parking Session and permission for the specific vehicle to be parked overnight on that date has not been granted through the process in Section 12 above
  11. 13.10 Parking overnight in breach of any conditions attached to permission for overnight parking given under section 11 above.
  12. 13.12 Parking a motor cycle or scooter in or any area other than a marked motorised two wheeler vehicle parking bay.

14. The University engages a contractor to act on the University’s behalf in monitoring car parking on its grounds and enforcing these Terms & Conditions. The University’s Site Operations staff may also undertake these activities.

15. The University and its contractor uses manual inspection and Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology for the purposes of monitoring parking on University grounds and enforcing these Terms & Conditions. The University reserves the right to introduce additional monitoring and enforcement mechanisms, such as CCTV, subject to compliance with applicable laws including data protection legislation.

16. Any breach of these Terms & Conditions specified in section 13 may result in the issue of a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) in respect of the relevant vehicle.

17. Where a PCN is imposed, this means that a parking charge of up to £70 is payable in relation to the vehicle in addition to any payment already made through purchase of a permit or ticket.

18. If payment of the PCN is made within 14 days of issue the PCN charge is reduced to £40. If payment is not received within 28 days of issue, action may be taken to enforce the PCN and recover the full cost of the additional parking charge plus any other reasonable costs incurred, including County Court costs. Such action will be taken by the University’s contractor.

Responsibilities of the University and vehicle owners/drivers

19. All motor vehicles are brought onto the University grounds at the owner's risk and the University undertakes no responsibility for their safety or security. The use of any University car park is permitted subject to compliance with these Terms and Conditions. With the exception of the EVRCP spaces which are open to members of the public for use (unless otherwise stated) in accordance with these terms and conditions and users of the car parks during Public Parking Sessions, the University car parks are only for the use of members of the University and bona fide visitors having business at the University, and may only be used by others as agreed by or on behalf of the University Travel Plan Group.

20. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the University is not responsible for loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, including to property or person, arising from bringing a motor vehicle onto any University grounds. While the University endeavours to enforce these Terms and Conditions it is not obliged to do so and not liable for failure to do so.

21. Any vehicle abandoned on its grounds is liable to be removed by the University’s parking contractor. This is permitted in certain circumstances by the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977. A vehicle may be deemed abandoned e.g. due to physical signs of abandonment or because there is no tax or MOT in place for the vehicle.

22. Bournemouth University has sole discretion whether to accept or refuse an application for a permit or ticket of a type within sections 4 and 5; it does not guarantee that applications will be accepted. On occasion it may request further information before deciding whether to issue a permit or ticket.

23. The issue of a BU e-permit or daily e-permit code does not guarantee a parking space or confer any rights other than to park temporarily in a designated car park or other authorised area in accordance with these Terms and Conditions if space is available. It is the University's policy to maximise use of the car parks by issuing more permits or permit codes than there are spaces available. It reserves the right to refuse permit holders access to any spaces, including designated lift sharing spaces, in a car park from time to time, in order to accommodate bona fide visitors and special events. Drivers of motor vehicles and permit holders are advised that pressure on University car parks is particularly acute in Autumn and Spring Term and often on any term-time weekday, they are frequently full by 10.30am - 11.00am, and on Open Days.

24. Car park users must drive carefully and responsibly in car parks and on University access roads and should comply with all rules of the Highway Code.

The Travel Plan Group 2019
Bournemouth University

  1. the eligibility criteria and right to cancel provisions provided above as well as Bournemouth University’s terms and you agreed to be bound by them.
  2. the data protection statement regarding the Bournemouth University student car parking permit application system.